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Btw - If it's a complimentary room , they won't cancel yr room even if u check in late -as it's classified as "guaranteed" category - just like those from bus agent. If u dun turn up for the comp rooms booked then be prepared to be blacklisted of course.

Those rooms that u hv to check in by 6pm - are those that u book via phone & Non-Guaranteed- u actually hv not paid anything yet (unless u opt to pay upfront using GP). They r just holding the room for u till 6pm & once u chk in u need to pay at the counter.

Via online booking for Non-Comp room - those are guaranteed rooms as well since u hv to pay upfront using either credit card or GP's.

All said - it's always good to play safe and email/ phone to inform that u wud like to hv a late check in - Especially if u want them to block or reserve the room with those specific special requests u hv indicated at point of booking. Hope it helps!

** Notwithstanding their rules changes fr time to time **
Yes for their online booking for non Comp rate it is the same as booking through the TA or bus company.
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