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Surprisingly, I'm one of those who enjoy & only take overnight bus ride...more cooling & less traffic...lesser noise from those aunties' chit-chatting as they r mostly sleeping.. key is whether u r able to doze off easily....myself can sleep pretty well in the bus...i doubt the age factor plays a significant factor. Upon arrival i straightaway chk in to room booked for the day before and continue my sleep... it's foc room anyway.
I also prefer taking the night bus nowadays.

The main thing is that I feel that I'm maximising my times at Genting.

Imagine if you take the morning coach, by the time you reached, its 1-2pm. The 1st day is nearly gone.

You take the night coach, you reach before 5am, the day is just beginning. Go freshen up, drop the bag at bell counter, go for some action before breakfast. After breakfast, check in early and you can get your room by 9am if you are lucky.

Then can rest a bit and continue for the rest of the day after lunch.

I also agree that age is not a factor. I think it's just down to individual preference.
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