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For me, my preferred mode of travel is:

1) Take 7 am flight to KLIA 2

2) Arrive and clear immigration by 9 am.

3) Take Grab and reach Genting by around 10.30 am. Aerobus is cheaper but you need to add about 1 hr to your travel time (11.30 am). If you are in a group of 3, the price between Grab and Aerobus is abt the same.

4) Check in and dump luggage at concierge.

5) Have brunch and hang around until room is ready (usually around 1 pm).

Some added bonus of this travel plan -

a) You can buy duty free liquor at the airport to drink at Genting.

b) If you are traveling with your gf/wife, you can buy cosmetics / luxury branded goods which are duty free AND GST free.

c) If you have airport lounge access, you can avail yourself to a buffet breakfast.
Not a bad way to do it.
Yes must spend some money on grab/taxi instead of the bus.
7am flight is cheap. But you have to leave the house about 5am.
For me body function comes first. That is sleep and breakfast and then I would step out of the house. But flights get more expensive at a later time.
I didn't know you have to wait till 1pm to get into your hotel room.
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