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That's a conscious choice because I will usually wait until 11 am to check in so that that I can get a good room. As I will be spending a few days there, I rather wait for a good room than get a lousy room early.
Depending on yr luck...normally it will impact yr check in time for rooms booked with special requests - like myself asking for the very same room # at GG or MXM - sometimes as early as 11am they will call u to inform that the room is ready but most of the time it's a bit later than 1pm. Worst case is last min extension of stay by the previous night's occupant of the room that u such cases, even pre-registration in the early hours doesn't guarantee u an early check in.

If you r not particular abt the room then it's possible u get the room much earlier like 9am....but also depends on whether the previous day was a peak date or not. Thus, i will normally book for the day before arrival...of course can't complain abt being wasteful...
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