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My experience is that the system will not release rooms for reception to issue unless the guest has checked out. Hence if you go to the reception early (e.g. 9 am), you will not be able to get the good rooms even if you want to pay the RM 15. If you go around 11 am to 12 noon, there will be plenty of rooms for selection from guests who have checked out. What time you get your room usually depends on the availability of manpower to to clean the room. My average time to get my room if I check in around 11 am is 1 pm. If you arrive after a major convention or event, your room might get delayed as housekeeping struggles to cope with the number of check outs.
No, No. Human at the reception can intervene into the system.
They can reserve the room you want. They will tell you the room you want is not cleaned yet and they will flash your room number when it is ready.
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