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After seeing much of the posts regarding UML here, i decided to open an account to share my personal experience. Hope it helps.

So 3 days ago i received an sms advert on really attractive loan from this no.85432784 . Something like this, 10k pay 190x60. Woh, very good rates i thought to myself and proceeded to enquire through whatsapp..
So he replied me asking for my citizenship, Nric, income tax assessment to check if im eligible for the loan.
So i provide them the info thinking its pretty standard. Next he need 2 NOK details home and office no. And lastly my singpass to verify that its really me via the OTP sent to my Hp no.
Oh well, i stupidly give them all details they required and my bank acc no.
(ok bros and sis here, dont provide them any details at all or dont even enquire!!)
Ohh, i told the guy i dont have home no. Nor office no. For myself and NOK. 😁
They accepted and then whatsapp call me. I can tell that he is a malaysian Chinese from the accent.
So he was saying, if i want 10k loan pay 190x60. For first trial, i will transfer you 600, 3days later pay 900. Deferment rate is 750(goddame good money to them). Dont worry, i will refund the 300 to you and loan you 10300 after 3days.
He said many customers complain about the 300 charges.
I just say ok i will think about it and confirm later. (oh he did a 5sec video call to check if im really me as in the IC)..

After the call, ithough to myself. If someone wanna loan 10k, why would he give me 600, and then return him 900. Then trf me 10300 again. (haha, sorry if its confusing).. So this is what ask him in the whatsapp as well.
If you cannot loan the full amount, then im sorry i cannot continue with it.

Ok, some about some hours later that night, im doing transaction via the bank app, and found a $600 being deposited to me(its a cash deposit, no account no.)
There are some miscalls from the guy and my 2NOK have got a misscall as well.
So late that night, ignoring the guys whatsapl and calls, i was googling and came across this forum which helps alot.

The very next day, i went down to the police station to make a report. The officer gives some advice(similar to what the bros and sis here said)
-dont reply to him
-close bank account
-ask bank trf back the $$$
-call 999 immediately if you see suspicious person outside my house.
-do not be afraid, its a long ongoing scam
-usually they will only make threats via phone etc.

Last thing i wanna mention is that, since that 600 is deposited to me that night, it has been deducted by giro for amount of $570 the next day before i can do anything to the money😅.
(this bank account is for giro purposes only, i dont usually put in $$$ here.)

So im really not sure about wanting to even return the money to those scumbags..

I have some voicenotes and misscalls from the guy today, which i ignored, did not even open the message to read. Lets see how it goes from here on, i shall update again!

Once again bros and sis, do not give in to them, do not fear them, they are usually behind a computer(keyboard warrior if you wanna quote). Be mindful of your finances and good luck all.

Ps:sorry if its too hard or long to read.
Its my 1st post😅
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