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Hi all! 🙋I want to share with you all the same thing happen to me till now. Previously i borrow a loan frm 1 ahlong amount of $300, the details given frm him is clear amount is $500,deferment every wk is $100 if i can't pay him the clear amount. So i jst make the deferment of $100 wkly because i cannot pay the clear amount of $500,until at a point of time i really broke out of money frm my work salary due to the stupid deferment, i tried another ahlong, to help me clear the first loan, but this time round i asked him fr monthly repayment loan, but this asshole nvr tell me the rules & regulation he straight away txt me through ws told me my loan is successful and transfer the amount of $250 to my bnk acct, clear amount $320,weekly deferment $120. He told me that i was a first time customer so he do this method first once i get to pay bck the amount i loan then i can take the monthly installment. Because of them i lost my job till nw i finding a full time job and i really broke of money. I'm tired of everything right nw. Keep on thinking and they keep on disturbing me and harresment. Right nw i own 2 ahlong with the amount of $500 & $320. Till nw i still cant pay them due to my difficulty financial problms right nw. Haish...

Should i make a police report fr this matter?? I need guide frm you guys and hv experience on this before pls. Thnks alot & may god bless all ur kind hearted🙏🙌
It's a loan scam, you can file police report online with all the info and STOP PAYING THEM.

All the info you need are here. PM if clueless.

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