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Hi may i ask how much you actually owe them?

Iím really afraid to go down to make a police report. Currently paying ďdeferĒ fee to 6 ah long. The amount of times i defer is more than what they actually transferred me. Total amount borrowed about 3k but if i were to clear every single one, it would be about 8k.

Iím just afraid if they would come and make a scene at my house as my mother is living alone there. Also afraid if i report to police, i would get some sort of punishment.

Iím broke from paying them. If i were to block all of them and change number, any idea how long will they keep coming to your house or workplace? Thank you brothers and sisters. Your help is much appreciated.
This is simply a SCAM feeding on your fear. STOP paying, file police report asap, can do it online.

All the info you need are here. PM if clueless.

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