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My Ikea Marcus office chair reached its life span after many years. Initially, I was just looking for an ordinary mesh chair and almost pull the trigger on a UMD High End Fully Ergonomic Full Mesh Chair Modern Executive Chair ( A8 & A9 ) (3 Years Warranty/Free Installation) $299.00 on Lazada. Then I thought that I should do some research.

After I read through this thread and other related threads on Herman Miller, I decided to hunt for a used HM Aeron Classic with fully loaded options.

Took me 3 days of hunting but I managed to find a 2015 Herman Miller Aeron fully loaded at a decent price of $730. It looks almost brand new too! Imagine after using for another 7-8 years, I may still be able to sell at $400 thereabouts. Can't beat this value.

Also added Engineered Now Mesh Fully Adjustable Headrest at $240. I must say this chair is the most comfortable that I have ever sat on. The quality, comfort and flexibility is just damn shiok. Never pay so much for a chair but I am very pleased with this purchase (gave myself a pat on the back).

Good decision, your back will thank you down the road

Iím using the same and I can say itís top 5 purchases of my lifetime
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