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I never owe them money. They transfered $500 to my account and ask for $2500 back and claimed that I took a loan. Reported police and everything. Worst thing is, the cctv in lift and level 1 didn't capture anything!
To these scammers you owe them money. But just keep the money but since you have paid them don't pay anymore. To me now they owe you $100.. Don't entertain them.

Simple call 999 or contact/email I/O if harassed. Happened to me too but amount more than you.

But with advise from kind people here and using my head instead of my heart, I only had 1 and only incident of house visit.

It's been almost half a year of peace. Listen to advice here which are applicable to you. the only way is to ignore them. Call 999 next time these runner come over and report the previous incident if you have not.

Remember, if we stop funding their illegal activities, they will have no funds to target future victims. their money supply cannot be like a bottomless pit, one day will dry up too.

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