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To all those still in their darkest hour, do create an action plan on what to do if you get harassed whether at home, social media or voice/text message.

Please, it doesn't matter if you really owe them or you get scammed. The harassment need to stop. While it may sound counter intuitive, STOP paying. As long as they can milk money from you, you are their focus target.

As others have advice:

- make Police report
- dont reply at ALL to these scumbags. (Calls/SMS/WHATSAPP) Block their numbers.
- close that bank account (advisable in case they transfer more but doubt it - they will lose more)
- ask bank trf back the $$$ (optional if you feel guilty. You are covered if you make Police report)
- inform NOK and Workplace (Very important, 80% of your battle won if able to do so)
- call 999 immediately if you see suspicious person outside house.(Don't bloody hesitate!)
- install CCTV for peace of mind. (require TC approval with a copy of police report)

Also, ignore the stigma of what others think of you. This is the biggest culprit to why some continue to pay or answer calls from these UMLs. Thinking by doing so can silence the problem. Just ignore what others say. I myself received some poorly thought and hateful comments from some so-called friends after they got to know about it. I say, f**k them lah.

Plan and prepare to take action if it arise. And stick to the plan, don't cower and hide. Man up and take action.

The UMLs are organised but so can you. They will be taken aback if you can fend off their harassment with little to no fear. Our country live by the RULE of LAW. You'll can make them nervous instead of them scaring you if you know what to do.

You need to get back your life these scumbags stole.

PS: On a side note, I still believe all this can be prevented if IMDA/SPF or relevant authorities can collaborate with Telcos to find ways to prevent unsolicited loans adverts via SMS and Whatsapp. One way is to allow the public to report these adverts and to suspend service of these numbers for investigations. Telco can call it CSR or whatever they like but they can play a part for the community as doing such activity for them it doesn't help their bottomline. These advert is the source of the harassment down the road. Number of cases will drastically drop if potential victims don't have access to these UMLs via this method.

Also, please be aware these UMLs roam these forum and also read and/or reply to our comments. They do have an army of keyboard warriors. You and I can only guess by their replies and comments to blame borrowers for their financial misjudgement. What this forum was created for HOW TO STOP HARASSMENT FROM LOANSHARKS and not why we did not manage our finances properly. For that topic we can open a new thread to discuss.

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