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89girl, I hope I'm not trying to distress you further but be ready for harassment from phone calls, sms and whatsapp to you, your NOK and office. The earlier you inform your NOK and office, the better. Provide a copy of police report to your boss. A reasonable boss and company will understand your plight

The loansharks might "follow up" with house visit to sustain their harassments. This visit could come in the form of sending some innocent movers to pass their hp for the LS to further harass you or send pics of your house door or send runner to bang on your door or splash paint.
For the time being, call 999 if any unknown persons loiter outside your house and maybe hold off on ordering stuff online.
Install a CCTV ASAP to deter and provide evidence for SPF.

Remember to ignore them. The earlier these scumbags understand you are no pushover the faster these harassment will end.

Remember this, they really like victims who are scared like a mouse. They terrorize you "virtually" through hp or stupid runners. They themselves could be in Malaysia, scared of getting caught. They even recruit runners via sites like FB and never ever dare face to face.

Don't bother about being stalked at home or when you're outside. These loansharks are not Mafia. No manpower, any runners they have are like contract staff.

Don't suffer the harassment alone. Share it with us because their tactic all the same. Also share your harassment experience with SPF and the I/O assigned to you.

About the money, don't bother about returning it. Just hold on to it. To return you only will allow them to use it on other victims. Also returning sometimes they won't let you off. Just don't contact them, even if for them to give you an account. To return could provide evidence by other victims you are aiding in loanshark activities. Just keep the money for the time being even though your good conscience will tell you it's not yours.

Take care.

PS: This actions also apply to others who PM me for advice but shy to post here. I, like the rest here, are no experts. Just a victim like you who have gone through hell.

Hi. Yes, I'm a victim too. Started off sending a WhatsApp to this guy named D. Asked for 1000 loan. Gave my ic, singpass, then otp code. Gave my nok contact, office no and my bank details. After a while I told him I don't need the loan. He asked "what happened" and I told him I don't need it already.

Next thing I know, that night itself, 750 was transferred to my account. Checked with him and he said to take the rolling money first. I told him I don't need the money, he just ignored. The next day I went to close my account, made a police report and installed cctv.

Till now, a week has passed. No account number to be given. But the IO said that if this guy were to give the account number, just transfer and block the number. And ignore all calls.

Now I'm just worried. What will he do next? Yes, I'm a gullible person to fall for this trap/scam. I don't know how to recover from here onwards.

Advise? Help? Please.

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