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thanks, but i actually read abt ubox being banned or sth liddat, dont want to take the risk my dad & i are not really tech savvy so i'm looking at sth easy to configure. i'm fine w d/l-ing apps, but not sure which apps to d/l to stream live sports? i read some of your posts where you advised that pre-installed apps are not recommended. can explain why? cos i saw a few sellers selling boxes w pre-installed apps that can enable us to watch live tv. thought that would be easier for us...
Because the preloaded apps can not last long and you will not get support by the sellers then, or they will charge you again. You can say Ubox and EVpad are also the preloaded boxes but at least they are the better ones that you may have some hopes of getting support from the companies behind them or from peers, unlike the boxes selling in some other places where the sellers can run away any time.

The easiest way is to subscribe to SingTel TV or Starhub TV if you are willing to pay.

If you are not willing to pay, then you have to use Google or find friends to help you to find the right place to ask for help. This forum is not the right place to talk about live sports apps (often illegal).

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