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Hi 89girl, seems like we are in the similar situation.. The guy has been whatsapp calling and sent some messages. I did not bother to open the unread messages though. Just let it be. The guy did call my NOk as well, but i ask them to simply ignore. I have yet to ask bank to return the transfered sum..
Just stay calm and be vigilant, we did nothing wrong.

Hi. Yes, I'm a victim too. Started off sending a WhatsApp to this guy named D. Asked for 1000 loan. Gave my ic, singpass, then otp code. Gave my nok contact, office no and my bank details. After a while I told him I don't need the loan. He asked "what happened" and I told him I don't need it already.

Next thing I know, that night itself, 750 was transferred to my account. Checked with him and he said to take the rolling money first. I told him I don't need the money, he just ignored. The next day I went to close my account, made a police report and installed cctv.

Till now, a week has passed. No account number to be given. But the IO said that if this guy were to give the account number, just transfer and block the number. And ignore all calls.

Now I'm just worried. What will he do next? Yes, I'm a gullible person to fall for this trap/scam. I don't know how to recover from here onwards.

Advise? Help? Please.
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