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For sms, if you using android phone ( not familiar with iphone) under sms -> settings -> block messages -> block phrases. You can add common phrases they use.

For calls, you can install an app called Call Blocker by Vlad Lee. Just set to block all calls except on your contact list.

For Whatsapp, can report and block only.I hope whatsapp updates with feature to prevent anyone from adding you to a group and block any unknown number not on our contact list.

Like I said before, our Govt bodies with telcos need to collaborate to stop this menace. It's getting out of hand.

any idea how to block those retard from sms, whatsapp, line and phone call?

Registered for DNC registry a few years back but have been constantly receiving sms asking to take loan and phone call on sunday asking to take loan.

I have never taken any kind of these retarded loan before. They are just trying their luck to find another victim.

Already made police report but seems like no use, cause they keep on changing number. This year is getting more rampant, each day receive at least 5 such sms and sunday confirm will receive one phone call.

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