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Hi, Green72, updates: he recently contacted me and he agreed for me to transfer back 250 first. The remaining 500 he said he'll give me another acc to transfer.. he didn't ask for more I'm not sure if this is something not to be worried about. So in the event that I've transferred the whole sum.. Not sure if he'll disturb me for more.....
Hi sis. I hope you're holding on strong.
Like many others who mentioned here dont need to bother replying them at all. I know it's not easy but trust me it will get better. Family support is crucial so give your family members a heads up. This will at least prepare them for whats to come. Inform your workplace too.

If you choose to pay up, chances are they will ask you for more money afterwards. The reasons they give will blow your mine. Like, have to pay cancellation fee, admin fee, late payment and etc.

Cut all ties with them and move on with your life. I understand your IO advise you to pay transfer them back the initial amount and block them. Everyone is just trying to help but at the end of the day, it's your call.

Good luck and stay strong alright. 💪💪
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