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KEF Package: 5.1.2
Q750 (Front)
Q350 ( REAR Surround )
Q650C ( Center )
Kube 12B ( Sub woofer )
Q50A ( Atmos)


Share your views and like if you recommend . Suggest Satellite speaker for Front Height and Rear Height to make it 5.1.4 as I don't want to use UP firing speaker.
As Pete has mentioned, I will not recommend the Kube 12B and would suggest you look for subs from other brands.

If you really want to achieve the complete 20-20,000Hz range of sound, then get a Subwoofer capable of reaching a minimum of 20Hz at 3dB.

I highly recommend getting an SVS Subwoofer. It really shakes the air. Like you will feel the atmosphere. Like watching an intense ghost scene, you can feel that eery air. Not just hear. Similarly, explosions are ground shaking. It will really shake the ground.

Get either the SVS PC-2000 or SB-3000 or PB-4000. They are more than capable of reaching lows below such as 16Hz and goes as high as 250Hz. That in itself is amazing for a Subwoofer. That is why SVS is known for their subs.

You KEF Kube 12 Subwoofer is only capable of 22Hz and up to 140Hz at 3dB.

So together with your other amazing speakers, you will be able to hear the full range of Lossless audio up to even 28,000Hz. So you won't have any missing audio throughout the movie listening experience.

That's my advice. I wen't with Elac Speakers because I had space constraints but they are amazing. They go as high as 35,000Hz.
You don't have to worry about Sound Signatures. As mic calibration software such as the Audyssey MultEQ XT32 in your Denon receiver will help flatten the audio response curve so you will hear the audio as close to the reference experience that the Director and Sound Engineer intended.

But if you want the best of the best receivers for Room Correction, it is actually Anthem receiver's Anthem Room Correction (ARC) software. Many people who have tried it says it's better than Audyssey. But there is a caveat. It lacks quite a few features such as Auro3D that some people like to use for their content consumption. But the components inside are really high end and top notch. But they are quite expensive. But if it is within your budget, then you might be able to consider it.

I bought my speakers from Amazon US and shipped them over. The price of shipping plus GST was still way cheaper than what the local stores offered. Though you'll risk your warranty if anything happens. Though this is rare since speakers are passive. There are no Amps and electrical components inside them that are usually what fails first. So the speakers will be able to last a very long time.

Hope my advice and tips help!
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