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Sorry to dampen your enthusiasm but this ah longs are cowards. If they send someone to collect from you, it's somebody that has no link to them. Just another runner they acquire from fb or similar.
All through bank transfers and hp contact.

Good that you are angry rather scared like so many victims including myself when this happened to me.

Difficult to catch them. We can only make them poorer.

I was offered a loan thinking it is from a legit money lender. They asked for my NRIC for approval. Then on the 3rd June 2019, someone deposited $400 into my account from a ATM. I had no signed agreement to confirm that I agree with any loan terms. Then on the 4th June 2019, some called me to say he was the boss. His name was Jeff. He insisted I had to pay a weekly amount that will be debate back when I get the full loan. I told him I had not agreed to any loan and he insisted that since I apply and they approve, I owe them. I told him to give me an account number so I can return the money and he refused and said it doesn’t work that way. Then he started to threaten me and I knew it was now a Ah Long scam. Please advice my next step as I want to catch these fellows. I asked him where I can meet him to settle this and he refused as well. I have a good connection to 391 North Bridge Road. Was having coffee with my buddy when they called and I asked to meet up. I intent to teach a lesson to anyone of their runners if they dare come my work place or home. I will not be cordial and I will take them to task.

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