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Ok I did it... I was able to install and watch smoothly now. U will need magisk to use singtel tv... I totally remove magisk and supersu and root check was unroot and pass safetynet check but the singtel tv go still detect root. The only was to use is to use magisk to hide and it work well now. Problem is the remote has totally no impact on the app. It cannnot switch channel by number pad. Only can use mouse or air mouse to switch... and i cant exit the app after opening... I need to end the task myself to exit.. Nevertheless, i was able to watch smoothly using my air mouse to switch channel.... Anyone know how to map remote to mouse movement? I want to makae it easy for my parents...
most handphone apps work on mouse only.

singtel tv go works on android tv os, so if you want to make it easy for your parents, buy mibox s or an android TV.
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