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SVS SB3000 heard the back panel got noise humming problem anyways SVS can only go for SB16-Ultra other than that the lower model are so so....
Hearing vs actually owning the SB-3000 is a difference. There is no hum heard at the back on mine.
Also, SB16-Ultra is too overpowered and will be severely limited depending on where you live. Since I live in an apartment, the SB-3000 is already quite loud and you can feel the vibrations all the way to the end of the kitchen. I limit mine to -20dB on the SVS app and -2dB on the receiver. It is already that strong and impactful and there is still more power in reserve.
It is to the point where the bass is disturbing the rest at home when watching movies. It is that good. Please see reviews of actual SB-16 Ultra owners who got the chance to review the PB/SB-3000 and they themselves are equally as shocked. Together with a modest apartment living room, it is already sufficiently good.

The atmosphere beats even the Dolby Atmos cinema experience when watching Endgame where the bass there was not too overpowering.
The SB-3000 gives you the atmosphere all around and you and adds that oomph feel with the ground shakes.

So depending on room size, like say, the high ceiling of a bungalow and the large enough living room, then yes, maybe running SB-16 Ultra will be a better bet.
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