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Thanks for detailed comment, yes i had SVS PB or SB 1000 or 2000 in mind , my budget for sub is around $1000.

Which brand you recommend for Front , Rear, Surround height etc ... Klipsch, Wharfedale , KEF , Elac , Mission etc ???
My apologies if I can't advice on the other brands as I'd rather not give speculations. But as mentioned, you can't go wrong with whatever other speakers you want to use as they will in the end, be calibrated to be as flat as possible to achieve the reference experience. Please do have a listen to a few different brand of speakers or read/watch a LOT of reviews before deciding on the final set of speakers that you believe suits you. That is why I went with the Elacs over the Klipsch. Because of how close to flat the response curve is from the beginning.

My second advice is to see whether the speakers are ported or sealed. Sealed speakers means that they need more power that a receiver might not be sufficient enough to provide. Thus, you might end up needing an amplifier. So get ported speakers in that case.

I think to match your huge floorstanding speakers u probably need 12 inch subwoofer, like sb2000. Not sure if ported (pb2000) or sealed (sb2000) is better. Any advice? May upgrade also in future.
The one advantage of Ported is they'll give you a foam to seal the ports making them a Sealed Subwoofer. So you have more flexibility there. Since you can change it any time you want. Ported is adviced for Movies. But Sealed is recommended for music and TV shows. I wen't with sealed because I am not interested in the unnecessary bass reverb tail end of the LFE of Ported Subs.
Those people that believe in Power Conditioners says about hear clear and precise audio becomes. Well, the same logic applies to Subwoofers. Sealed for me because it is clear and yet precise. You won't be able to notice the difference that much and plus, I am saving space.
But you are free to choose the PB series because as mentioned, you can choose to go sealed or ported whenever you want with it by just sealing up the port.

If you really want clarity in your bass and still that ground shaking experience that comes with any sound below 50Hz, you can't go wrong with SVS.
If you've experienced a C4 explosion up close or the firing of the matador, this is it. Feel that same vibration on your body instead of just hearing it.

Out of my entire Home Theatre Setup purchase, it was the subs that literally made me and my friends jaw drop. That is why it was worth every penny for me to get the SB-3000 over the PB-2000. But you can't go wrong with either though.
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