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What i meant is as SVS SB-3000 you are paying $1,979.00 by right it shouldn't have noise as reviewer says dunno for others but for me i very particular about hissing and humming anyways with that pricing you can go for JL audio E-sub
If I hear hissing or humming, I will be furious too. But those are signs of an unclean power source or close to another electrical device. Using another power outlet should help clear the problem. Nothing to do with the Amp itself.

I just tried hearing the back of my SB-3000. No hum or hiss. Might as well use SVS's great customer service by then if you ever encounter any problems.
But not without trying out my advice of using a different power outlet that does not have anything else attached to it to ensure a clean power delivery.

Bought my SB-3000 for SG$1,660.49 on Lazada.

Edit: LoL! I just realized my Black Ash version of the SB-3000 is sold out. Even the Piano Black version that you pointed out is sold out as well. But wow! I can bet how much you are enjoying the PB-16 Ultra. Any good LFE based movies to recommend?

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