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Well you can heard it from here on 10:20 transformer hum can be heard
Thanks for the video. I might have accidentally missed this post.

6-7 feet away? Something is not right with his transformer. Definitely either his power outlet, near EMI devices or he has a bad Amp/Transformer in his sub.

As mentioned by another commenter, OMDF01, "I’m surprised to hear that you have humming issues that you can “hear 6-7 feet away”. It’s pretty intrusive no doubt. Mine is dead silent."

7 feet is 2.134 meters. Way close to my sitting position relative to the TV and the sub. I would definitely be able to hear the hiss or hum if that's the case.
I'm a very particular person. You can see my other posts on products such as Secretlab chairs and the Creative X-Fi Sonic Carrier. No holds barred. If it sucks, I will say it to warn others of this issue. But as mentioned by others, I am in an SVS fan Facebook group, they too did not mention anything about a hiss or a hum.

Not to mention, my sub is just under my PC desk and I do leave my Home Theatre plug switched on from time to time if I ever forget to turn it off. My SVS sub is set to Always On and not using a 12V trigger or letting it turn on if it hears an audio. So I should be able to hear the hum or hiss. But I really don't.

As mentioned, could be his bad power supply. I am using the European 2-pronged plug. I didn't hear any annoying hums and hiss.

A simple google search of keywords, 'speaker hum hiss buzz" will give you your answer as to what I've just said. It is most likely a noisy power line or Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) of some sort. Not the sub's problem.

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