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Genting to Singapore
2.30pm, Transtar SuperStarz: SGD$39


Genting to Awana to KLCC area to Singapore
2.15pm to 2.45pm. Genting to Awana Skyway, SGD$3
2.45pm to 4pm. Grab from Awana SkyWay to Double Tree Hilton: ~MYR60-70? (Will split half with my gf)
4.30pm, take KKKL Executive to Singapore: SGD$29
Total: $43.50 (But if traffic jam, take more than 1.5hours from Awana to Double Tree Hilton then I'm fked)


Genting to Awana to KL Sentral to Singapore
11pm to 11.30pm. Genting to Awana Skyway, SGD$3
12pm to 1.30pm. Awana public bus to KL Sentral. ~MYR$5?
1.30pm-3.30pm: Walk around KL Sentral kill time. (Extra 2hours buffer time from Awana SkyWay to KL Sentral in event of traffic jam)
3.45pm, take KKKL Executive bus to Singapore: SGD$31
Total: $35.65


Which would be better? Travelling back on a Monday morning (17th June)

I kiasi and got motion sickness. That's why I'm also thinking of taking cablecar down first, skipping the long winding genting road down where the bus may drop off the cliff.
Go and buy the Blackmores Travel Calm Ginger tablet (blue box). Watsons at First World Hotel might sell. I find it helps motion sickness and doesn't make you sleepy. I find eating salty stuff like plum helps.

If I am you, I will take SuperstarZ. Lower your seats all the way so that you are as close to lying position as the seat allows. Just close your eyes and listen to music. This is much more comfortable than KKKL bus from KL which is also a few hours. Plus SuperstarZ has many drop-off points so can pick the one nearer to home. So far I find Transtar drivers don't speed and they slow down at bends when going down mountain.
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