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Thanks for clearing this up. I am planning to book via Agoda as I compare the pricing they are around the same and I dun go RWS regularly so membership benefit dun really benefit me much or has any impact to me. What do you think those who booked agoda are they having easier check in process? How long is the queue?
I think booking via Genting website easier. You can check in yourself using the kiosk as they recognize your passport. If agoda the staff have to key in something if I am not mistaken.

In any case when you are up there go get a membership card. Think it can last like 5 yrs. Just get it and use it to earn points when you eat, shop, watch movie, play at casino. The points have expiry of 2 years I think. Most earn points only but some places like Marry brown gives 10% if you show card. And the next time you go, can get member rates when you book at Genting website. Suppose to be cheaper than non-members.
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