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U can just call up their reservations center ...local sales office #: +65-68239888

Online checking or booking is not all the time reliable or most updated.

Once call is connected, they will route u to their KL reservations center. The call is considered local.

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One more silly question if I book via agoda the stay everything will be recorded as points or no because I never book through their RWS portal?
Aiya...just call the nbr i provided lor...wats so difficult? U prefer typing the whole time than just making that 1 single call? I alrdy provided u the local nbr - so wat's yr excuse??? Say only serious - why not calling?

If u r not purposely trolling here - of all the replies here to yr queries, this is the only one u ignore or not responding...hahaha...go and make that call first & chit chat with them 1st - they are paid to answer to yr questions anyway ..later u come back here and share with us what was proposed by RWG reservations

Personally, will not further entertain yr questions till u hv made that call to the nbr i provided earlier...

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