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I was offered a loan thinking it is from a legit money lender. They asked for my NRIC for approval. Then on the 3rd June 2019, someone deposited $400 into my account from a ATM. I had no signed agreement to confirm that I agree with any loan terms. Then on the 4th June 2019, some called me to say he was the boss. His name was Jeff. He insisted I had to pay a weekly amount that will be debate back when I get the full loan. I told him I had not agreed to any loan and he insisted that since I apply and they approve, I owe them. I told him to give me an account number so I can return the money and he refused and said it doesn’t work that way. Then he started to threaten me and I knew it was now a Ah Long scam. Please advice my next step as I want to catch these fellows. I asked him where I can meet him to settle this and he refused as well. I have a good connection to 391 North Bridge Road. Was having coffee with my buddy when they called and I asked to meet up. I intent to teach a lesson to anyone of their runners if they dare come my work place or home. I will not be cordial and I will take them to task.
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