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Harith damn difficult to use. I wonder how come people can use him until 1 v 3, get 20+ kills i try 1 v 2 tio stun, die. They never use purify also can 1v3
harith main damage come from his 2nd skill dash then use basic attack for true damage (calamity reaper and thunder belt). his 2nd skill give him limited shield when used near enemies. also his ultimate will reduce 2nd skill cd when used on it so you can keep spamming 2nd skill non-stop near enemies and easily kill them without fear of dying.

with many recent nerfs, harith become very weak so he need to build cd reduction and tank items for his build. his 1st skill is usually used to clear minion waves, steal kill, kill any dying enemies or in team fights where stupid enemies line themselves in a straight line/group themselves together for unknown reason.

also harith is weak against burst damage and cc so best is to lane together with good tank or fighter.
I So Stunned Like Vegetable!!!

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