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Which VPN are you currently using? Sometimes, sideloading an older netflix version works on android.

There are only a handful of vpn that still works with Netflix.


I have only used Surfshark and NordVPN as these 2 providers do not keep browsing history, keep any logs or timestamps of IP address etc, and the speed is pretty good even for FHD streaming with no limit on bandwidth. I've not tried the rest of the VPN that I have listed above. Also, I didn't try out other Netflix countries other than USA and Japan.

Surfshark unlocks 8 countries.

Here are some resources that you can refer to on your choice of VPN. Personally I think Netflix Japan and USA has the most content, you don't really need to connect to other Netflix countries if your content can be found in Japan and USA.

Hope this helps.

Hi. I already have vpn ac but it only unlocks USA Netflix.

May I know which vpn unblock the most Netflix countries?

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