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Depends ...

I think the answer is whether you can get higher than 25k SD with that star piece on other occasion or event. If you use the star piece without any event, you will need to catch ~400 Pokemon within the 30 minutes to get additional 25k SD. Will you be able to catch even 100 Pokemon withing 30 minutes if you play legit?

I would use it even if that is the only star piece that I have. Perhaps what you might want to do is to try to stack 3 of those 1500 SD task than you can get another 2.25k SD. And perhaps also try to clear out the stacked reward Pokemon.

Actually the bigger concern I have is whether adventure sync will work properly and credit you the 50k
Indeed, I certainly cannot catch enough pokemon to gain an extra 25k SD within the 30 mins.

Good suggestion on the stacking of 1500 SD tasks. I go find and complete them now to prepare for tomorrow.
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