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Usually six

You donít really need two per floor
I have one one each floor, I get 7-800 mps on Wifi
For mission critical stuff, I use the Lan points.
I place the AP at the landing between rooms.
There are newer Mesh products, you can consider them too. I just find google mesh simple. Kinda like Mac.
May I suggest read up on the pros and cons
You already have LAN points and can make use of the Ethernet backhaul in Google WiFi
You will also be up and running in 30 mins
Just get hold of a decent 24 port gigabit switch.
Iím using such a system with great success and smoothness.
A comparison between some mesh options
Thanks Petetherock.... lemme read through your suggestions. The attractiveness of setting up everything within 1hr is tempting! I will consider it as one of my options, still researching your links + other links/information all the kind seniors and brothers have provided.
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