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Sad to say, i have Getflix, it doesn't work with Netflix.

Surfshark has app for android, ios, mac os, Windows, so u dun need to meddle with your router. I'm not sure about LG TV, never had one.
then did you try to get a refund for the subscription? I never use before so idk.. but the whole list of streaming services they claimed to be able to unlock is damn impressive..

for the lg tv, if you want to unlock geolocation contents, will need to configure your VPN service onto your router for it to work. otherwise can try to hotspot your phone after connecting it to VPN, this one I never try before so I not sure will work or not haha.

I found surfshark's self help article for lg tv.. their option is to use their own smart dns.. but must check and see if your lg tv menu able to access this function to manually change DNS or not..

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