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(G)I-DLE’s Yuqi Sheds Tears As She Reads Out Heartfelt Letter Written To Parents In China

On June 9, MBC’s pilot variety show “The Gashinas” (literal title, also called “Grannies”) followed the cast as they had their last class with their partnered elderly women.

Yuqi walked to school that day holding hands with her partner Park Seung Ja, and she looked back at the elderly woman’s home as she said, “I have to say ‘bye bye’ now to the home. Bye, granny’s home. I’m tearing up.”

The last class had everyone writing letters to people they miss and reading them out loud. Park Seung Ja wrote a letter to her deceased husband, and Yuqi wrote a letter to her parents in China.

Yuqi wrote, “Mom and dad, I miss you so much. I’m always sorry that I can’t go to see you. But your daughter doesn’t regret coming to Korea. I’m going to work harder and hang on so I can be a daughter you can be proud of. I love you, mom and dad.” She shed tears as she read her letter out, and Moon So Ri gave her a warm hug of comfort afterwards.

When asked to describe her partner, Park Seung Ja said, “The first day I met her, Yuqi was so pretty and like a granddaughter to me. I’ve been so happy and had so much fun with her. I’m sad we have to say goodbye. Let’s meet again.”

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