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Charlie. Wads ur review on Windflix??
Does it also has smart dns for lg tv?

I can’t configure router so I can only opt for smart dns for lg tv.
If really can’t then no choice use nvidia shield Liao. At most no Dolby atmos/vision.

And I major noob sia. Super long never download any torrent.. didn’t know can use vpn for torrent. Erm. Any guide on how to use vpn for torrent?
for me it serves it's purpose, which is for watching Netflix. I bought the 3 years plan at a very big discount during the last black friday cyber monday which average out to less than $1 per month..

but my router is configured to run on PIA VPN for the whole network because speed performance and track records wise, I still lean towards PIA. stable torrent speed + have ports to forward to when connected to selected servers. if you are using public trackers and don't need the port forward features then you can basically use any of their servers for torrenting. I'm using private trackers for torrenting so having ports is important else nobody would be able to connect to me and my speed ratio will go down the drain. I also extended my PIA during the same sales for 3 years lol.

but that said, windflix don't provide smart DNS for devices that doesn't have their VPN app support. so you'll either need to have the knowledge of configuring it on your Router or go with other VPN providers..

a few months ago I went to subscribe for 1 year worth of Real Debrid service and now I almost totally don't torrent directly anymore.. I just let real debrid torrent the file for me and once done I will just use jdownloader to download the file from the real debrid servers at full gigabit speed without VPN..

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