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Charlie!!!! Me oso have real debrid!! I thought that one is just to have more links in shield tvís app only?!? I didnít know can torrent also. Omg. I major noob. I need to pm you on how to torrent. How did ya get year plan?
I thought max is 6 months plan only? Tads wad I saw when I subscribed 2 months ago.

Tweaking routers is really impossible for me.

but that said, windflix don't provide smart DNS for devices that doesn't have their VPN app support. so you'll either need to have the knowledge of configuring it on your Router or go with other VPN providers.. <ó this means I need to have their vpn app on my lg tv before I can use smart dns? If so then cannot liao. Guess I can only use on shield and live without Dolby atmost and vision
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