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The recruiters are 'Sales' people who are only interested to get as many people on board as possible. Most are not APO or dun even know the work of APO. The recruiters will just bs or smoke new hires....=best is you ask APO themshelves.

You will opt for your posting near the end of your graduation term..different batch different choice depending on the requirement that time but mostly can opt for Airport or Paya Lebar or Jurong. Even then there are many sub-options in these 3 places.

Mostly 12 hours shift, no extra allowance but MOSTLY air-con environment deployments.

Paya Lebar
Mostly 8 hours day shift, most got special allowances but very little break, most outdoors deployment..many ad hoc deployment also.

Mostly 12 hours outdoor shift..more suitable for people & Malaysians staying in west. Rugged deployment grounds.
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