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@cubacuba, if you find it struggling to find something suitable especially
trying to understand and digest all the technical stuff that most have shared.
I suggest you start off with Pioneer AVR with either Whardale Diamond
or Pioneer Andrew Jones speaker for a start.

Than add the Pioneer Atmos add on to complete the setup.
After you have played with such setup, understanding the aspect
of it than upgrade from there.

Suggest go for LX503 with Whardale Diamond 220, later when you
are more hungry than upgrade to either SVS or so.
I myself is using Pioneer AVR with Andrew Jones speaker, decent enough
for me.

Like others mention, no matter how good the speaker you managed to find.
Take note AVR during room calibration will flatten all the frequency according to room acoustics.

That means speaker like floorstanding speaker the bass will be cut/trim according to room acoustics.
For me I have different presents one with room calibration and another without any EQ for music.

I still feel you should start off with Pioneer, play around and learn from there than upgrade like what I have been doing for so long.
FYI for me, I start off with those small speaker than move onto floorstanding speaker.

The difference is very huge and home theater there is much to learn especially if you want the best sound and experience. I also played with entry AVR without room calibration than move onto AVR with room calibration.

Everyone have their own opinion, no one is right/wrong.

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