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I am queue 867 for Kallang bto and today they send me sms ask me down for appointment to book flat on the 12 July. However they said if all taken up or ethnic quota unavailable they will let me know. Anyone know how high chance will I get to choose?
Anyone knows what constitutes rejecting your chance to select a flat?

Obviously if no more unit or no more ethnic quota, then it doesn't count.

But what about cases where only left with very few units or all low floors? What is the threshold?
Assuming there are 300 units for the room size of your flat being offered. HDB will usually dish out 3x the number of "tickets" for selection. This is also to buffer for those who have already chosen a flat.

1. Ethnic quota reach - you are literally lan-lan.
2. Assuming the location is so hot. level 2, front door facing carpark, room facing generator people also take, that means that it is unlikely you will get the unit. When I was selecting my flat, I noticed a consistent pattern. Since HDB gives out 3 times the queue numbers, if you are within the final percentile / the lowest percentile section, you can literally wait for another ballot. You would roughly know when you are tracking the units daily and you will have a feel if you are going to get the best unit from the lousiest batch.
3. Your HLE is messed up.
Just prepare another $10
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