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From what i think beginner should setup a 2.1 or 5.1 or 7.1 first than a atmos system as contents for that is very little...seldom have films using not a common format some like disney's marvel films atmos effect is very weak and at times is silent....only few movies i know will utilise the atmos effect like "The Great Wall" the arrows effects....Captain marvel the spaceship battle scenes....tomb raider the forest and the boat crashes scene where the waves smashing against the boat....only 2019 upcoming film might use that same as gaming console is a new thingy....playing audio is like playing lego...first you need to build a proper base firm and stable enough then you build those can't jump those steps
BUT most buyers aren't hobbyists. They want a solution... an audio Panadol ... they don't enjoy the journey and want a solution..
Nothing wrong with that, to each his own. But very soon we will see a few things
- one doesn't stick to the budget
- one doesn't buy anything we suggest
- very little info is given
- very little time is spent doing auditions
- and there will still be requests for solutions

TS has gone over to XP to ask the same questions, and has yet to do auditions or provide meangingful info which allows others to help. Just asking for solutions.

I've provided enough info, all the best TS.

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