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Due to many gambling faults have begun defaulting up on multiple lenders (not sure if they are same companies)

With the many threats, last night finally there was some activity regarding the threats, one was asking a innocent guy to come by and take a photo of my place.

The other was at 2am when i heard loud thumping on my door, checked my CCTV and apparently it was 2 guys. Called the cops and the 2 guys claim to have received a courier job from lalaland. The job was to courier a laptop to my the opposite unit. Shortly after police came another fellow was knocking hard at my neighbours place also with the same courier instruction.

Apparently they are using these sly tactics to send strangers up and "harass"
Majority are for the same head .. but the police really believe such thing as 2am courier service at this wee hour ? Think u better take this footage to your IO let him investigate it
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