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Hello,i need some advice,so recently i enquired with this moneylender and he told me to do a pre-transfer $200 and clear $300,i paid him the first time then i realised he is unlicensed from the way he speaks,then he told me to do another transfer and i told him i didnít want to but he still transfered me the $200.What do i do?Should i just block him and make a police report,will he chase me for $300?I'm supposed to pay him up tmr
Please close ur bank account and report police ... dun waste time to talk to him or asking to transfer back ... just closed the account and ask bank to transfer back the $$$ ..or the other way can ask the police what can u do to return the money back ... please take note dun ever transfer the $$$ back tour own .. as if other victim make police report ur account will be reflect out and u will get urself bz what I was gonna investigate.. so now go and report police ASAP ... and keep the report ...
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