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Show your mom the text message to proof that you’ve enquire about it BUT you did not borrow any. Tell auntie don’t worry they won’t splash paint de as if they do so they will be losing money as they have to pay their runner to do the job & since you did not borrow at all and they sure expect no money being pay back in return too. So don’t worry sister, stay calm. Don’t let these pull you down. Make a online report first, please. And also if you happened to see ad on fb & carousell its all UML, not LML. As LML, are not supposed to ad on anywhere else, beside their co website. Most importantly if you ever happen to see any suspicious people hanging around at your doorstep, don’t be nervous or scared, just dial 999 straight away.

I am trying to stay calm, i told my mom abt this and she say if they splash paint, she will kill me and den kill herself. I am really depressed now

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