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Hi. Few days ago i encounter this ad on fb, providing personal loan at good repayment plans 1k 24 mths $55 per mth. So i whatsapp and enquire thinking that its legal loan as there is license num on the ad. The person ask for my NRIC and singpass to check if i an eligible for this loan. So i gave them. And after awhile they told me my loan is approved! And req for my acc num but sad to say i dont hav an acc so i requested to go down to the shop and apply face to face instead. Then they told me they are UML!! And i say i dont wish to continue with this loan and they say once apply means own them! They keep threatening they will go up my house, and keep calling my work place and home. I am in distress... helppppppppp

Question is will they really turn up at my house and burn or splash paint?
I have already blocked them.
But they r still making calls to my work place and home.
I just need someone who will understand my situation. My mom is not very supportive. She is adding more stress to me saying if my house is splashed she will kill me and kill herself after that. I m really depress
You can't blame your mum, she does not know it is a loan scam.
We understand your situation, STAY STRONG and FEAR NOT.

Explain to her it is a SCAM, tell her not to do anything silly like killing herself. If she is not stable, pls reach out and seek help for her.

All the info you need are here. PM if clueless.

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