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if the S15 already meets your needs (i.e. can run your current newest games) and you don't see the need to upgrade and just wanna use the machine for as long as possible, I think just repairing the laptop is fine, especially if every other component is still working ok.

cos frankly imo the current rate of improvements are also slowing. My S17 came from 2016 (pascal architecture) and this year in 2019 nvidia has only moved forward by 1 generation (turing) with no tremendous improvements while the current intel CPU is still on 14nm like my old skylake
but even the new gtx 1650 is better than 970M leh

u can get 9th gen i5/gtx 1650(3gb)/8gb ram/256+1TB for about 1k...i think not worth to spend 960 just for the repair leh

but that's just my 2cents la
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