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Apink’s Jung Eun Ji Launches Own YouTube Channel With Equipment Unboxing Video

On June 13, Jung Eun Ji uploaded a video entitled “Editor Unboxes YouTuber of 0 Months Meung Ji’s Card” on her new YouTube channel called “Wise Life of Meung Ji” (literal translation). Meung Ji is one of the singer’s nicknames, which combines the Korean word for puppy and her name.

In the clip, Jung Eun Ji opens up several packages and displays equipment essential for her YouTube channel, including a microphone, a camera lens cleaner, and an SD card.

Prior to launching her channel, Jung Eun Ji held an Instagram Live broadcast and told fans, “Through a radio concept, I’ll be showcasing various content so I can communicate with fans. I’ve talked about wanting to become a ‘healing singer,’ and I want to try fun things outside of my normal life. I want to break away from my usual routine and communicate with people who have similar concerns.”

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