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CLC’s Elkie Wishes TWICE’s Tzuyu A Happy Birthday With A Lovely Message

On June 13, Elkie shared photos of her and Tzuyu along with heartfelt words in English, Korean, and Chinese.

She wrote, “Pre happy birthday to this girl. Since I can’t spend it with you, I wanted to be the first to wish you a happy birthday a little early. In celebration of opening my personal Instagram, I’m posting photos we took together for the first time in a while…(I know all of you won’t mind seeing those bare face selfies…right?)”

She continued, “Let’s make more memories in the future! Thank you for being by my side. I’ll also be a good friend to you for the rest of your life. I’ll write more things in the card. In the back is my pretty friend taken by ‘ek cam.’ I’ll share and show them to you as well since they’re so pretty. And the final photo was taken by photographer [Tzu]yu. Return safely from tour. Happy birthday! We are ‘ET.'”

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