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You can ROI it If you are doing a business, and the cost generate revenue, then it is ROI. If you are just buying it to store your data and thatís it, you will never ROI. It is the same as you pay 10 years COE for the car, and everyday you are consuming your investment. So what you really want to know is, is this entitlement. going to last you 3.5 years or 10 years.

I have been running my DS1511+ for the last 6.5 years(based on the powered on hours of my WD RED), could be slightly more for 24x7, and still running. Well I will consider it a good investment since it has served me well and have been protecting my data all these years.

Do you run your NAS 24x7? You do know machine last longer if you donít keep powering it up and down.
thanks for the advise. as the model suggest i only use it for 'play' aka data storage and media streaming.
i usually shut down a few hours after midnight.. also sometimes random the power trips and blackouts do not help the lifespan i guess.
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