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thanks for the advise. as the model suggest i only use it for 'play' aka data storage and media streaming.
i usually shut down a few hours after midnight.. also sometimes random the power trips and blackouts do not help the lifespan i guess.
If you want ur NAS and harddisk to last longer. Get a UPS and run them 24x7. They donít consume that much power seriously. My harddisk running in the box are constantly at above 45 deg celcius for some and brandís like WD RED run at 38. I retired a few older WD RED because I am upgrading my RAID6 volume size. When there are power trips, the NAS will eventually do a graceful power off and restart when the power is up again.

I have been running my NAS for nearly 7 years non stop is good evidence that stability and consistency favour longevity for machines.

Every day the box will automatically do SMART tests and extended across weeks, and scrubbing of the entire RAID monthly. That is how I know the volume is healthy and my data is safe
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