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Tks everyone let pray hard they faster kanna caught
Hello, I am new here and has read most of the 600 over pages of this thread in regard of Loan sharks. It seems that plenty of ppl that has gone thru the pages are not sure what is the difference of actual loans via AhLong, phone loans via loan shark and scam loan via social media by phone,sms,whatís app and Facebook. Allow me to explain only on matters that I mentioned and that is all illegal loans not licensed with the authorities.

1) ahlong is old school that you will meet face to face while handling $. Not many of them around now.

2)Loan shark is English name and is slightly advanced as they used banking as their resources and they have your details via IC/Passport/Next of Kin details or even work permits. These are also connected to the scammers as they are all in same circle. The difference is only if you happen to have dealings with their group leader/senior member, and your payment to them is good and regular, they may show sympathy and not allowed harassment to happen to you, but not the junior member as they love to show off and thatís where the harassment begins.
As these illegal loans need $ to revolve, the resources that is needed for debtor turns runner or harasser to work depends on the amount of $ that is considered losses to these loan organization in which a debtor incurred.
To the loan shark, they provide a outlet for you to borrow $ as those that borrow must have exhaust all avenues to search for $ and finally turn to them for help and yes they offered and the debtors agreed to their terms and conditions so must abide.
Presently many of these loan shark has shifted their operation elsewhere to neighboring countries since 2012. Not many left in SG, but their marks/scars with their methods of operations remains with junior members that is still in SG and with upgraded methods that has generated item number (3).

3) Scammer Loan shark is considered latest breed and in existence since 2013. Some of them is based in neighboring countries but some remains in SG. These are the type of junior loan shark with education and also with plenty of ideas to help their organization to earn more $ as they will have bonus each year depending on how much they could generate from either loans or scammed loans. Their forced loans is a gamble like giving you $300 and will wait for you to pay 3-4 times the amount. They are cyber warriors and some victims are stupid enough to pay until these scammers becoming rich and to these scammer even try cheating their own organization of $, partial reason that some cases of victims not being able to get an account number from the loan shark. Some are genuinely collecting $ on behalf of those senior members or leaders of their group. INSTILLING FEAR is their strategy and HARASSMENT is their only weapon. They feed on the fact that when a debtor needs $ to survive, they considered the debtors as idiots and is blindly being directed to their own grave as everyone knows that borrowing from illegal loans avenue will get the debtor into deeper problems and trouble and yet is still happening till today. These scammers uses latest ideas of advertising with most social platforms and based on old records from loan shark of mostly those that have departed operating in SG, sms and whatís apps to plenty of phone numbers that is being used in SG now. Yes there is also stolen records from our government agencies and unscrupulous people selling off those data to these loan shark and scammers. Thatís is also why advises is always given to change your handphone numbers when a victim is being scammed. If you asked me, I would say not only your number but the phone itself as you will not be able to know if your phone set is compromised, although this is slightly extreme.

Finally, all the above required a main component and that is resource of $$$ which is provided by either the older loan shark turns owner or the original owner that has backed up all $$$ in the 1st place.

I will show another post in due time to show their methods of operation to my knowledge and also some counter measures that could help but that will not be a solution so the best advice that I could give is still to stay away from reading all advertising of loans on all social media. Look for friend and families when in some problems as they are the ones that can really help.

Sg Police is helping but with limitations as some parts of their hands is tied so that is why a debtor could be charged in courts and sentenced as they partake in the illegal moneylending business by depositing cash into unknown accounts and it may escalate into dangerous situation when $$$ is deposited into terrorist organization account. Be very careful as it may happens to anyone. The laws only recognize evidence and not any part of your stories that led to any situation that you are in now.
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