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hi, pls try to call them as soon as possible and ask them for slowly pay a bit by a bit like I done before.

If you still not call them I really don't know when they will take new actions that you ask (but I believe they will keep going to your place first depending on amount you didn't paid).

For my cases at first I didn't pay 5 money lander total amount more than $5000 but now I slowly pay them untill finish.
They go to my place every week but nobody home so I just received demand letter in letter box. But I call them after receiving 3rd times then I call them, but before I give them a call I transfer some money to them too to make it more easy to talk.

Some is easy and give me time to slowly pay, but some also not easy to talk but I have to take it because I really want to pay and just try to pay as much as I can.

That will be my experience for money lander.

If anybody has experience pls advice too.
Hi, for licensed credit company, only monthly loans is approved and till today in 2019, there is only about 160 companies in operation. If your loans is weekly based it is as good as illegal loans. Credit company can send letter of demand to your address but can only send request letter to your place of work to seek help from your company to contact you as they may not be able to call you. Licence company may also seek garnishing of your pay if the amount is high and thru courts could order for that. The debtors must try to contact these companies to begin for a payment. Thatís is the only way out. You signed on the contract you must abide but with sob stories, maybe the creditor May accept to change your loans into bad debts which is quite common recently. Or if you really have difficulties to pay, look for 3rd party solution like Grace, Adullam or Silver lining. They can and will help. That what I know of now.
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